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Who is Gavin Ching?


I have been across the world, seeing many wonders and meeting tons of great people. I've trotted the globe to work, study and explore.


I love taking on challenges in life and work. Trekked and worked in many environments where I did not know the language or culture. I adapted and I succeeded.


I love developing and everything nerdy. Most importantly, I love product design so I can satisfy every customers needs :>.

Well, as long as I get them user stories right.


Love being fun and serious whenever the time comes. If you are happy, I will be happy with you, but if you are sad, I will be humorous to cheer you up :>.


I've discovered many things in my lifetime, doing stuff that no one else has done before. But most importantly and most cheesily, I've discovered more about myself.


I am a good hugger. I don't know actually, but that is what the minion told me :>. Do rate my hug if you ever have the chance to hugs.



CV (The Cool Stuff)

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Hi internet person, or the amazing and good looking person I directed to here. Listed are my experiences, hobbies, lifestyles and everything in between.

Also, I am a consultant and can help bring your idea, design, website, application into fruitation!

Wherever you need my skills, I will be there!

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Computer Engineer
University of Toronto
  • Studying the things I love and hanging with the great friends I love.
Computer Engineer on Exchange
National University of Singapore
Aug 2013 - Dec 2013
  • Took on a full course load of five modules while exploring the Singapore culture
  • Created a business plan for a device that turns a handshake into information exchange


  • Tech
    Nerd / Full Stack Developer
    Felix Interactive - Amman, Jordan
    Aug 2014 - April 2015
    • Developing a service to deploy applications to multiple platforms for web and mobile
    • Constructed and developed API using NodeJS that is currently used by mobile and web platforms
    • Configured NoSQL Cassandra cluster to be used by multi platform applications
    • Designed back process to handle dynamic queries, resulting in ability for applications to use dynamic data
    • Generated deployment scripts through Capistrano, easing the team in using the Cassandra clustere
    • Advocated TDD / BDD and made automated scripts through Gulp.js, resulting in faster development
    • Worked on front end web interpreter to handle and draw dynamic data from the application
    Chief Technical Officer
    Apollosoft - Vancouver
    April 2013 - Aug 2013
    • Created the minimal viable product (MVP) of a management web application for university clients
    • Utilized Ruby on Rails to create the web application and API for our mobile application
    • Consulted with clients to create a MVP that fits their needs of digitalizing paper reports
    • Established a team culture with a starting team of four people in person and virtually
  • Marketing
    International Relations Manager
    AIESEC Singapore - Singapore, Singapore
    Nov 2013 - Jan 2014
    • Help establish missing partnerships with other entities involved with AIESEC Singapore
    • Figure out ways to market the current projects in AIESEC Singapore to involved stakeholders
    • Planned a marketing campaign with Glints, a partner of AIESEC Singapore
    • Suggested and created a video advertisement with Glints to further market our partnership and projects
  • Sales
    Corporate Account Manager
    AIESEC Toronto - Toronto, Canada
    Jan 2014 - May 2014
    • Responsible for providing business solutions to companies in the Greater Toronto Area
    • Constructed and utilized CRM to better handle sales internally in the team
    • Planned a better work flow for sales members to be more organized in cold calls and following up
    • Utilized the unused alumni pool to increase potential customers and sales insights
  • Engagement
    Director of Engagement
    AIESEC Toronto - Toronto, Canada
    Jan 2013 - April 2013
    • Improve the lacking relationship between the members of the team
    • Discussed with team about what makes a team and helped foster the trust between the members
    • Aligned interests of the team with the interests of each member, creating common goal
    • Established a general structure of rewarding members for their achievements
    • Engaged with the members on a day to day basis to gain insights of improvement
    Director of Sports
    CESA - Toronto, Canada
    Spet 2012 - April 2013
    • The club lacked in new and creative sports events that exposed different cultures
    • Created relationships with the Engineering Ping Pong Club to cohost a tournament
    • Worked on the board of executives to create and improve on events
    Director of EP Engagement
    AIESEC Toronto - Toronto, Canada
    Sept 2012 - Dec 2012
    • The team lacked in having strong relationships with past alumnus of the exchange program
    • Organized social events for alumnus and members to share their international experiences
    • Constructed a list of past alumnus of the program, allowing for easy contact and re-integration
    • Relationships between members, past alumnus, and externals were created and improved
  • Volunteer
    Farmer Volunteer
    AIESEC - Taiwan
    May 2012 - July 2012
    • Promoted under appreciated organic farming through the use of social media in Taiwan
    • Learnt and assisted farmers in hands on organic farming
    • Developed a website alongside team to give information about organic products
    • A basis structure of social media was implemented, allowing for further growth
    • Shared my own culture from Canada, allowing for others to grow in cultural understanding










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